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Concrete Durability Monitoring

Monitoring of Durability Service Life Maturity Chlorides Carbonation

Durability and Service Life monitoring

We have designed an exclusive monitoring system for Concrete Durability and Service Life prediction (patent pending). Based on the use of embedded sensors to measure concrete electrical resistivity, a non-destructive test, our software uses peer-reviewed scientific models to predict the Service Life of any concrete structural element (in years before corrosion starts) with simple data input like rebar cover, cement and additions type, W/C ratio, and environmental exposure type. Our models can predict the service life for chlorides penetration and carbonation.

Construction companies

Our monitoring system can be applied directly on-site with very little training, so construction companies can monitor structural concrete elements in service conditions. This helps understand the key variables that influence durability and control concrete suppliers.

Ready-mix producers

Ready-mix concrete companies can benefit from our monitoring system with embedded sensors in order to charaterize their mix designs and later monitor them on site, making sure that pouring and curing have been done properly, avoiding claims from clients.

Precast factories

Precast manufacturers must guarantee that their units comply with the designed service life, and monitoring the concrete from the inside with embedded sensors is the best way to obtain proof of perfromance and to improve elements' designs.

Testing laboratories

Testing laboratories make use of our embedded electrical resistivity sensors to avoid cumbersome testing and to provide additional services to their clients in the form of continuous monitoring of their structures.

Our Concrete Resistivity & Durability System

We apply the well-established principle of concrete electrical resistivity to determine concrete durability and predict its Service Life with non-destructive testing. Using the latest technology we have created a complete system that includes:
  • Embedded sensors for electrical resistivity of concrete, to measure this key property from the inside and in real-life structural elements.
  • Rugged reader/transmitter that can be placed outdoors for years with IP68 level protection.
  • Wireless transmission of data via mobile phone network anywhere in the world; WiFi optional for factories and labs.
  • Full-fledged mobile & PC app with charts, alerts, configuration, and fully integrated into the Concrete Quality software.
Rugged protection
Small sensor size
Easy to install & use

Applicable Standards

Our system for concrete resistivity monitoring with embedded sensors can be used to characterize and test for compliance of concrete mix designs. The results obtained are equivalent to the following international standards:
  • American Standard for RCPT – ASTM C 1202 – 19: Standard Test Method for Electrical Indication of Concrete’s Ability to Resist Chloride Ion Penetration
  • American Standard ASTM C1876 – 19: Standard Test Method for Bulk Electrical Resistivity or Bulk Conductivity of Concrete
  • European Standard EN 12390 – 19: Testing of Hardened Concrete – Part 19: Determination of Resistivity (currently in draft)

Our Target Customers

Our customers have two main goals for our Concrete Resistivity & Durability system:

  • Concrete Characterization and Mix Design Optimization
  • Long-term monitoring for Maintenance & Governance of structures

Concrete characterization
Mix design optimization

Testing and R&D Laboratories

Testing and R&D

Precast concrete manufacturers

Precast concrete

Ready-mix concrete producers

concrete plants

Long-term monitoring
Maintenance & Governance

Engineering design studios

Engineering design

Construction companies Maintenance companies

Construction companies
Maintenance companies

Owners, concessionaries, administrations

Owners, concessionaries,

About Us

We’re consultants for concrete production & technology, QA/QC, and mix design. We’re software developers, with a full system for digital transformation of production and quality control of concrete operations.

We’re concrete technologists and scientists, with experience in monitoring and durability. We’re the inventors of this new system with embedded sensors that will revolutionize how Service Life is predicted and Durability is assessed and verified.

Our Vision

We have the vision that Service Life prediction of concrete structures can be simple and accessible to all. We want to eliminate human fatalities due to durability failures, and to improve mix design to reduce carbon footprint based on continuous monitoring with embedded sensors, using the best science knowledge available worldwide.

Our Mission

Our goal is to make our system the number one choice for durability assessment of concrete, complying with international standards. Besides our patented system we can add other monitoring data, such as corrosion potential, chloride ingress, etc., into our predictive models and alerts system, to obtain a full picture of durability and service life.

Our Values

We support with our consulting expertise all of our clients, to make the most of our system. We accompany you through the monitoring plan design, installation of the sensors, mix design optimization, and interpretation of data and predictions.

CONCRETE RESISTIVITY & DURABILITY is a product of the partnership between: CONCRETE QUALITY Software for Concrete Mix Design & QA/QC, and OSA Sustainable Architecture & Engineering Consulting.
Furthermore, we have the pleasure of counting with the collaboration of Dra. Carmen Andrade Perdrix as our scientific advisor. You can find the complete list of publications by Dra. Andrade with this link (in Spanish).
You can find some of the scientific papers that we based our system on inside our Articles page.